Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flowers and More Flowers! It's Summer!

It's time for the flowers to take the stage as woven seed-beads flowers, crystal flowers and ceramic flowers blossoming gloriously in our latest collection. Whether you like cute, feminine, serious, classy or sporty style there's always a spot for flowers in each woman's heart!

Flower Shower Necklace

Price : $45

Tangerine Bouquet Brooch
Price : $25

Crystallised Flowers and Shell Leaves
Price : $37

A Basketful of Peach Blossoms
Price : $20

Burst of Colours

Price : $20

Aqua Wisteria
Price : $30

A Bouquet For You
Price : $25

Flowers in Shell
Price : $30

Black Gold
Price : $35

Loving Red and White
Price : $20

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